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Solve the problem that applications stop working on the Android phone

problem that applications stop working on the Android phone

Users of smart phones that are running an android system can be subject to sudden interruption of some or most of the applications on the phone and may be caused by the problem that the applications installed on the device with an old version has not been updated or that some installed programs are shared and installed outside The application store is often outdated, so when you download an application, you must check the source of the application so that our phones do not experience problems, but this problem often occurs for no apparent reason. You find a message that appears continuously every second. Breakdown
How is the solution?

Ways to solve the problem.

Method 1: -

 When a problem appears that the application has stopped working, the disabled application is updated by the Google Store.

Method 2: - 

When the application crashes, clear the disabled application and re-download it and install it again through Google Store.

Method 3: -

1. Go to Settings.
2. Select Storage.
3. Select Clear stored data for all applications and scan by clicking Cached Data and then clicking OK.

Method 4: -

1 - Go to the settings.
2 - directed to applications.
3. Choose Manage Apps.
4. Click "All".
Select the disabled application and clear the stored data by clicking Clear Cache and Clear Data.

Method 5:

1 - With the disruption of the application as Google Store and Google PlayService problem can be solved by applying the previous method with the addition of step scan application updates by clicking on (Uninstall Updates).

Method 6: -

1 - This method is used with the disruption of the Google Store application where the problem is solved by scanning your Google account that you use on the device.
2 - re - enter the account through the feature go to the settings and then to the accounts (Accounts).

Method 7:

1 - With the disruption of one of the applications Download an old version of the application disabled from the external websites away from the Google store and this is done by downloading it through Google search engine by typing the name of the application and next to the extension (apk).
2. Start by searching and downloading the versions of the old dates. Before you start the installation, make sure that you have marked the "Unknown Sources" feature in the Security settings.

Note: After applying any of the above, the phone must be rebooted until the result of the method is displayed.
Mostly these methods solve the problem of stopping applications from running unless the cause is one of the viruses that can not be easily disposed of.

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