Solve the problem of high temperature iPhone 2018

Solve the problem of high temperature iPhone

Some users of iPhone devices suffer from the problem of high temperature or hot, which makes us concerned that there is a big problem in the device, but do not be afraid it is just a warning or message tells you that the phone needs some rest and needs to turn it off and restart again, The temperature of the iPhone is between 0 and 35 degrees Celsius and when the temperature of the device is higher than this, a warning message starts to remind that the phone needs some rest (the iPhone needs to cool down) so that in that case you can not charge it and in that case it Often, just switching off the phone and restarting it can make it work .

What causes the fever or heat of the iPhone and its treatment?

1 - The charger is not Genuine: - If the use of a charger is not genuine to charge the iPhone, the device will be charged normally, but after the completion of charging and the use of the device will notice that the discharge is fast and the temperature of the device rises, so when you experience the problem of warming Your iPhone will immediately experience the use of a genuine charger to charge the phone. For information, the cheat may be that the charger that comes with the phone is not genuine, as some of the unscrupulous can replace the original charger with the latest tradition before selling the iPhone.

2 - The network of the fourth generation weak: - You can easily identify the problem if they exist by following the network and you will notice that it is changing significantly and you find it once the network of the fourth generation and the time G3 or here to solve the problem went directly to the settings and click On the cellular option, then turn off the 4G connection and leave it so off and go to a place with good coverage or good support for the 4G network and then reopen it again.

3 - download pressure: - It is known that the iPhone allows applications to download the background, for example, the phone can be closed for a while and when it is opened, the video is downloaded and updates and receive all messages at one time, pushing the download in the phone as the temperature of the iPhone.

4 - Put the phone to be opposite to the sun: - This leads to a high temperature of the large and here, remove the phone from the sun and put it in a shaded place and preferably have some cool air.

5 - Keep the iPhone camera in work for long periods: - also can lead to high temperature here shut the camera and stop working.

6 - leave the application of navigation or (GPS) works continuously: - can cause the high temperature of the iPhone and to solve the problem stop the application from work and also stop Bluetooth if it is on and not needed.

7 - Games and play: - One of the reasons that increase the heat of the iPhone because it makes the processor works very much so it is better not to play games on the device.

In general, the solution begins to shut down the iPhone for up to 15 minutes and then return to the operation again and will often restore the work well, and do not charge the device during use as this causes the problem of high temperature and other problems in the battery, taking into account that Many applications are not opened at the same time except for need.

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