Reasons for not accepting a lot of sites in the Google Adsense 2016

Google Adsense 2016
Reasons for not accepting a lot of sites in the Google Adsense 2016
As we know that Google Adsense strong global company which already keeps the customers advertisers do not want their loss, Vodsens has strict laws to use it for publishers (you and I are dear blogger) may close your account if it violated their policy, it is known that the reasons for the closure of Adsense accounts for many of the al-Nashiri this refer to the violation of their policy, such as clicking on their ads from other computers or a friend's recommendation by clicking or sometimes received letters from Adsense but ignored.

Reasons for not accepting a lot of sites in the Google Adsense 2016

Adsense strict in his work is right, we asked a partnership with them, they agreed, but the conditions, We have accepted the terms and the partnership has, why my brother fooling them or indeed fool yourself, why not keep the policy? To keep the partnership list and everyone will benefit

Most bloggers who refuse most of them residing in Arab countries and others are rejected their request by Adsense even if the person who requested the registration and refused him an exclusive and a great location, so that became the possession Adsense account a dream for all bloggers, but unfortunately Adsense refuses to deal with them

So the question is what are the reasons for refusal Odsens requests for some people, especially the Arabs?

If a new blog Officially will not accept your application, but the only reason is to deceive the people to them, And one of those in control of Adsense, for example, violated their policy, they shut the account and therefore the population of these countries suffer from accepting Adsense to their request means that Adsense does not trust a lot of people etc ... .... That is why

Some say they refused the request because the threads copied from other sites, not this is no reason not to accept Adsense demand but lack of confidence in people from certain countries made them refuse their orders, and the reasons as I mentioned at the top

The official reason for not accepting the majority of requests for Adsense bloggers is a lack of rigor in dealing with the Adsense from some people is what made the good refuse because of those bad

So the question is why Adsense disagree with the policy as long as we have agreed with them all what they want from us?

Waiting for your suggestions
Good luck
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