How to Root Android Seconds in 2018

How to Root Android Seconds
How to Root Android Seconds in 2017

How to Root Android 2018

Action Root Android is one of the most important topics, which operates many of the users of Android phones and almost every day or two up on our question on Facebook about how the Root for Android and based on the large number of questions on this subject I will in this matter by explaining the modus operandi Root any Android phone in Seconds Mtdoh and with one mouse click.
Before touch with you to the way the Root of Android I want to explain what is your root and what are its benefits and damaging as well as some important terms that you should know first.

What is the "Root"

Is a process of software in different systems Android to allow some apps to access the root systems Android is based on Linux Kernel and allow it to modify and add new features to the system through the amendment in the various software layers within the Android system and access to the Kernal system which is responsible for communication between the language The machine and the language of Android software and after adding your root will be added to your phone application called Super User application which is responsible for giving the different applications the powers of your root.

What are the benefits of the work Root Android?

The major benefits of your root in the following:

   -  The installation of a multi-ROMs by using an application ROM Manager ROM Manager.
   -  Recovery for the installation of various Alrikfry original features Aktar.
   -  Taking a backup copy of all applications and vB's on it and retrieved at any time.
   -  A lot of system files change (line localizations as well as the possibility of deleting the applications that come with the phone, which makes use of them do not and can not clear it only if your phone has been recounted his work).
   -  Run a lot of applications that need your root powers such as the restoration of files deleted after the application as an example.

Root for Android work in seconds with pictures

The first step:
 Display List Developer Options (if the phenomenon in your phone go to the second step).
 go to the Settings menu (Settings) Settings.
 go to the phone About Device.
Some phones can be found in General.
 Press ten times on the Build number (version number).
Now the list of developers Options (Developer Options) have emerged.

Step two:
 Activate the correct USB option:
Go to Developer Options developers settings.
Some phones can be found in the General, and activate the USB debug and English USB debugging.

Step three:
 Download and install Kingo Android Root program on your computer. (Download link below the article)

Step Four:
 Run Kingo program Android Root and connect the phone to your computer through a USB cable and wait until the software will download and install the definitions for your phone then you will be required program separate phone and reconnect it again, after you connect the phone again, you will see in the program ROOT button as you can see in the following image:

how to root android seconds windows 7

Apply pressure to it and wait until the process is done successfully.
How do you cancel your root?

Connect your phone to your computer and then run the program Kingo Android Root Remove ROOT You'll find it by clicking the button will cancel your root process again.
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