Tips to protect Android devices and increase the level of security and privacy

Smart Download our phones a large amount of data that travels with us permanently, Vhsabat e-mail and social networks, for example, are always open to these devices, without forgetting the credit card numbers in some countries that support electronic payment services over the phone.
In spite of the smartphones it came to ease daily life, but it is at the same time opens the way for anxiety, Vsergh device or to lose it or even breached mean the loss of a large amount of data such as images, passwords, or phone numbers exchanged with friends and messages.
And certainly can not be smart to protect our devices are fully 100%, but at least we can seek to raise the level of protection is not a logical limit Aoukana problems when the loss of the device or loss of reason.

1. screen lock code
screen lock code

Is a screen lock of the most important things that we as users must be adjusted when buying a new phone icon, the door is the first protection for these devices.
In the Android lock code can be adjusted to take more than one form, but it is necessary to have a long lock code as much as possible, the more the longer, the task made it difficult for a hacker to access the machine. To activate the lock code can go to Settings, then Security Settings Security and finally lock screen, remember to put the lock code to be better than the 6 4 digits, and if you want more problems not raised it certainly, is how safety ratio rises, too.

2. Data Encryption
Data Encryption

Data features found within the Android system is encrypted by default, but in most of the devices are disabled and the user needs to be activated manually.

- The importance of this feature lies in the lack of data leaving its original form and the encrypted key is located on the same device is locked, so no hacker can easily access the key at all, and therefore even if it managed to penetrate the device will not be able to read its contents.

- Activating this feature is through access to the settings and security, and finally Encrypt Device device encryption. Some devices do not support this option, others become slower after activating encryption, for this reason activated only on devices that contain important data is recommended.

3. Cloud storage disabled
Cloud storage disabled

Storage cloud of very cool features, it ensures the existence of data at any time and on any device without having to use the same device is always, as she sings about taking copies of a hand up, but at times may be a danger to the user data, especially in developed countries, Fbtalb the court can grant the powers Google access to the account and look at the statements by some of the competent authorities.
You can enable or disable this feature by going to the settings and backups Backup & Reset Finally the pressure to take a backup copy of your data Back up the option of my data.

4. Google Services
Google Services

Android system comes with a wide range of Google applications installed in advance, which aims to make the user an easier life certainly, but at the same time be collected and automated many data on the user's particular geographical location and searches or usage habits carried out inside the device.
Can later access to the settings and choose Google Google Settings settings required control services, where they can disable services such as e-payment Android Android Pay, or Google or Google Fit fitness application ads.

5. Prevent store passwords Cloud
Prevent store passwords Cloud

Google Inc. provides intelligent lock Smart Lock option through which the passwords are stored on Google account to rid the user of the need to save them permanently. But on the other hand, it means that the breach of the account will inevitably lead to the theft of phone data with ease.

So you are advised to disable this option and save passwords autonomously, and can do so after access to Google Search for Intelligent lock option Smart Lock settings for Passwords and disable it.

6. disable ad tracker
disable ad tracker

Ads are more ways that require comment user activity and geographic location, a practice carried out by all the companies, without exception, to display ads more effective for users.

Prefer to disable this option to prevent Google from tracking the geographical location and networks used permanently, Google, within the settings are selected ads Ads then activate the "Disable site-related ads and concerns" Optout of interest-based Ads "option.

 7. restrict the powers of the personal assistant Google Now
personal assistant Google Now

PDA is Google Now Android system of the most important features, which it can implement a lot of voice commands, but its presence in all parts of the system may be dangerous, especially when activated in order to work within the lock screen.

After access to Google Settings and then Search Search & Now and then the sound Voice user finds recognize the voice command "OK Google" Detection, in this window option must disable all the options that the user finds it does not benefit him, while maintaining the activation of the option "within the Google application." From The Google App.

8. disable location services
disable location services

I mentioned in the sixth paragraph danger track user activity and geographic location in the ads, as well as is the case in all other applications, it is best not to allow any application in geolocation, what is the need of the application add effects to images to determine the geographic location of the user?

So you can access the settings and the site Locations and determine which applications can use geolocation. But that's not all, Google stores the geographical location of the user, an option which can be deleted from the same window after pressing the Google record the geographical position of Google Location History, and then go down to the bottom of the window delete button location log Delete Location History, which ensures that websites store available Previous GIS user.

9. activating the automatic lock
activating the automatic lock

Automated lock screen a very important first feature to save power and secondly to prevent any other user from accessing device data with ease, but the most of this option to take advantage must specify the time of the lock first and then the time required to ask for the password.

activating the automatic lock

To activate the automatic lock and determine the time Access to the settings, and then the screen Display and finally shutdown Sleep, and whenever the time was less whenever the highest proportion of protection.

Now you must activate the time required to ask for the password option, this means determining the period after which the lock code request after the lock screen. To control this option is access to the settings and security, and finally automatic lock Automatically Lock with a choice of immediate Immediately.

This means that, after the screen turns off and in the case of re-operation is requested password from the user, and therefore when the loss of the machine can ensure that the device is locked, at least can not be immediate access to data.

Determine the lock to determine the lock time time
Require a password immediately after the password lock screen password request immediately after the lock screen

10. delete data automatically
delete data automatically

Feature to delete the data automatically run when you enter the screen lock code incorrectly 10 times repeated, which is a good option but serious in the case of children or persons MAY MAKE playing device just for fun, for this reason must be careful before activating it, The introduction of the lock code incorrectly mean the loss of all data.

To activate this option is access to the settings and security, and finally automated survey data Automatically Wipe, which can be enabled or disabled as needed.

11. manner Alerts View Control
manner Alerts View Control

Alerts on the lock screen of the most important features, Valmstkhaddm is running the screen only to find out whether there are new alerts from applications such as Facebook, Watts father or many others. But at the same time it opens the way for anyone to see the data contained at least partially, a danger to the user's privacy in some cases.

So can the Android controlled manner Alerts View inside the lock screen, Vbaltuge to Settings and then sounds and alerts Sounds & Notifications be accessed when the device is locked When Device is Locked and activate the option to hide important data Hide sensitive notification content, and thus will be applications that must Names user review of the presence of new alerts.

12. install applications from unknown sources
install applications from unknown sources

Install applications from outside the Google Play store from Android most desired features and serious at the same time, installing the application from any site on the Internet mean the theft of data with ease, Valttbaiq will have specific powers allow him to steal the names, for example, or access to the alerts and so on.

So always advisable to disable the installation of applications from outside the store option, through access to the settings and disable the safety and finally install applications from unknown sources option Unknown sources.

13. make sure to install updates
make sure to install updates

Android system updates are the only obstacle to the spread of the system dramatically around the world, Fjocal launches per year of new versions of the Android system, but unfortunately arrive late to the owners of HTC devices or Sony or Samsung even in some cases.

But this does not preclude constantly making sure that the system runs a newer version available, where they can access to the settings, and then on the phone About Phone Finally system updates.

Note: Access to the options listed above differs from the version of Android to another or from one of the other company, so in the absence of some of the options or the lack of access to it can use the search engine located inside the system to access it faster.

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