How to attack the Wi-Fi networks using distribution Wifislax 2019


How to attack the Wi-Fi networks using distribution Wifislax 2019

wps attack wifislax
distribution Wifislax
How to attack the Wi-Fi networks using distribution Wifislax 2019 wps attack wifislax. Linset tool, this is a very serious instrument to the extent that it is possible that one of the victims to be where you can not easily detectable from the victim, one of the tools available on the distribution Wifislax.

distribution Wifislax

wpa2/ wep

The working principle of this tool is that it is related to a victim and establish a fake network of deception and Aazahr demand for the device is asked to enter his password again to follow the contact which is similar to a large extent pages counterfeit, but it is open and is familiar to users on Wi-Fi networks.

To open the tool from distribution wifislax go to the main menu and then choose wifislax Wpa then choose linset as the following picture.

How to attack the Wi-Fi networks

After opening will show us the available network cards we have also seen in the picture which is wlan0, choose the card and put the number 1 and pressing Enter

Now a new window will appear as follows, press the number 1 and continue.

Then a new window appears and begins to search for the surrounding networks.

After the completion of the research will show us all the surrounding networks also note with all the network number and note that no star next to the network name, and this indicates that there is connected to the network, the network now choose number that we want to push and Inter as in the pictures:

Now type the number 1 as the following picture and Inter Press.

After that a new window will appear choose No. 1 and follow.

Now we wait here until you tool to bring the handshake which is very important, after we get him close the window.

Following the closure of the window will show us the next window, press the number 1 and continue.

Window will now appear to us asking us to choose the language which is of course the message that will appear to the victim and which will write the password, select Nasph language of your victim and continued.

Now the following window appears, wait .

Good now as it notes in the following image may password back to us and wrote us key found.

It ended. This was the best and quickest way to hacked the Wi-Fi networks.
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